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Commercial & Private Impound

Property Managers trust us to quickly and safely remove illegally parked vehicles day or night.

Puyallup Towing and its agents or employees are charged with the duties and authorization to impound and remove any and all unauthorized vehicles found upon real property.

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“Motorhomes, Boats, Trailers, Hulk and Junk vehicles will be impounded Monday thru Friday 8 AM – 5 PM and may be subject to a charge that will be refunded if the registered owner redeems the vehicle.

The registered owner ARE RESPONSIBLE for all charges.
An After Hours Release Fee will be charged to redeem a impounded vehicle outside of our normal business hours.
Are you a property owner or manager, and would like to authorize Puyallup Towing, Inc. as your impound agent, please download this application form (PDF)
…and mail to: Puyallup Towing, Inc. c/o Impound Agent Authorization 2404 Inter Ave #A Puyallup, WA 98372
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